It's simple, powerful and quite sophisticated, and what it means for you is a cleaner home with cleaner air, for you and your family.

Color Testing 

I'll be happy to help you with color testing. If you're having difficulty determining a choice of colors for your project, I have a few inexpensive methods to help you with making a choice.

Please ask.

Honesty, from the beginning.

I will be honest and forthright with you. When I examine your project for an estimate, if I feel uncomfortable with an aspect of it or I feel that it's too large a job to meet a particular time frame, I'll tell you.  Neither of us needs to be frustrated with a project that's not progressing well. I recognize that I cannot be all things to all clients all the time, and I have the ability to politely decline a project.

References available upon request.

Quality work, not rushed.

While we (me the painter and you the homeowner) both want your project completed as soon as possible, no good will come from a hurried job.  Your home is too precious for anything other than an impeccable finish, and my reputation is too important to me.  Besides, it's just not who I am and how I work.  If you're looking for someone to quickly slap on a couple of coats of paint, I'm probably not your guy. 

Respect for your home.

It's your home--I'm here to enhance it. I will respect your property and belongings while I'm a working guest, taking care to keep areas clean, during and after each day's work. 

The Foundation of a quality,

lasting, beautifully finished room or area is proper surface preparation.  I take the time and care to thoroughly clean, sand, clean again and mask all surfaces that need to be protected. Upon project completion, there's a good chance that the areas I've worked in will be cleaner than when I started!

about impeccable impressions

Dustless Sanding Is Here

Impeccable Impressions uses the Festool CT 26 HEPA Dust Extraction system to keep your home clean and dust free.

In every home we paint, there is always some amount of preparation required prior to painting and, in doing so, dust is created.  It's unavoidable, but we use a clever machine attached to an electric sander that immediately grabs the dust  and sends it to a self contained HEPA filter bag, trapping about 95% of the dust. 


       Impeccable Impressions is registered with the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs

      as a Home Improvement Contractor.  HIC #13VH08256300

       Impeccable Impressions maintains a general liability insurance policy through

       Cumberland Insurance Company, Bridgeton, NJ and which is on file with the N.J. Div.

       of Consumer Affairs.